iPhone 3g 3.1.2 jailbreak with blackra1n


I used blackra1n to jailbreak my iPhone 3g today.  It took a few tries, which is expected according to the author, but once it started working it took about 30 seconds.  It’s pretty painless.  The instructions are pretty straightforward and have been posted everywhere, so I wont go into the basics.  A few notes on the process for me:

  1. It took me 5-6 tries to get it to work, which is par for the course on the 3g according to the author.
  2. Make sure you close iTunes and all of the iTunes processes in task manager.  It worked for me the first time after I closed those processes.

The main reason I jailbroke was for SBSettings.  There’s a pretty good review of it here.  Basically you can swipe your finger across the status bar (even if your in an app), and it brings up the HUD you see in the picture above.  From here you can turn off any of the features that drain your battery.  Another key feature is the ability to display your battery’s percentage in the status bar.  The HUD is very configureable, and there are lots of SBSettings addons you can download as well.



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